Customizable Data Views

Views let you look at the same information from different perspectives. There are three main types of views: Tabular, Snippet and Calendar. Each List can have more than one view that precisely defines which columns and fields to show to the user, which records should be filtered out as well as let the user tweak in the presentation layout. It is easy to switch between different Views as they are available In the Navigation Menu.

Standard Tabular View

This is the typical data presentation format. Several column types are supported to accommodate text, numbers, images, notes, information from other tables, and more. Data values can also be calculated based on values in other columns.

Tabular View

Fully customizable Snippet View

You can use Snippets to list your items in a more compact way.

Snippet View

Calendar View

If you store information on appointments or other events, you can visualize each data record grafically using the Calendar View. Just indicate which data columns include the event start time, end time or duration. You can even use the category column to set event color individually for each calendar item.

Calendar View

Custom forms with subform fields

Forms are used to enter / edit information in a database and to peek into an individual entry. They can be opened in a separate window or used in a preview window displayed to the right or below your data records.

Eesy-to-use designers for forms and lists

Users have full control over the content of forms and lists by deciding which fields and columns to show. Fields and columns have numerous properties to control their layout and behaviour. Most of the adjustments are made separately for each individual view for greater flexibility.

Sorting, filters and conditional formatting

Each view has its individual set of settings to specify the subset of data and the presentation of records. Qbase features both simple and advanced filtering of records as well as highlighting of individual records based on certain criteria.