App Main Screen

Build your own lists and databases in minutes. No coding.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Build your personal lists for contacts, home inventory or tasks and easily adapt them later as your needs change.

Easily paste information from web pages to fill in note fields or clip screen images to complete image fields.

Store your business information such as customers, products, invoices and assets.

Link the information from different tables for a full-fledged custom solution.

Give your colleagues read or write access to the data they need.

Application Templates and Usage Examples

OmniLista Notes

  • Keep all your notes in one place
  • Browse using a compact Snippet View
  • Add Text, Color and Image Tags
  • Paste text from other apps and the Web
  • Capture screenshots easily

OmniLista Real Estate

  • Your clients, properties, leads, appointments and tasks - all in one place
  • Take advantage of views - present and filter information from different perspectives
  • Send automated emails to your clients
  • Easily add and update photos

Feature Highlights

Custom Forms

Collect and manage your data through custom forms. Add fields to collect varied data like names, quantities, amounts, dates as well as rich text notes and attachments.
Data Views

Define multiple views for your data and switch between them with a single click. Display your data as lists or grids with or without entry preview and decide which columns or fields to show.
Sorting, Filters, Formatting

Set sort and filter rules for each data view to fetch the information you need without hassle. Highlight important aspects of your data with conditional formatting rules.
Tabular View

Present your data in a traditional tabular format. Easy to search and filter. Adjust date and number formats.
Snippet View

A compact view with thumbnails. You can decide which fields to show on the snippet. Each snippet has a customisable title line, a thumbnail image area, a field area and a description area
Calendar View

If your data contains dates,such as appointments, you can easily see and edit them on a calendar grid. A month, week and day layouts are available.
Relations between Lists

Create "sublists" by using special link fields to establish relationships between data in two different forms. You can also enter formulas for text and numeric fields to calculate their value based on values of other fields on a form.
Note Editor with Screen Clipping

Take notes easily. Define hotkeys for pasting data from webpages into note fileds or clipping screen images into image fields. You can also attach document files to your entries..
Calculated Fields

You can automatically calculate a value of a field based on values of other fields in a record.
Print Templates

Define how you want your records to look on a page when printed. Beside field values you can include constant elements such as image logos.
Mail Merge / Bulk Emails

Send automated, personalized email messages to contacts in your database. You can even send personalized file attachments based on their name.
Easy data portability

Easily export and import your data from text and csv files. You can even bulk export file attachments and images as well as update file attachments already stored with new file versions.