Medical Practice Management Application Template

Use this template to convert OmniLista into a powerful medical files application


Maintain a list of your patients.

View history of all prescribed drugs and consultations.

Attach external files to medical records.       

Medical Examination

Record medical history and consultations.

Easily extend the range of information stored.

View prescriptions issued for every visit.


Register prescribed medications.

Note dosage, quantity and other details.

As always, it is easy to adapt the register to your requirements.

Medicines / Drugs

Maintain your list of medications.

You can also import a list from an external source.



Assign ICD-10 coding to your diagnosis.

The template comes preloaded with ICD-10 codes.

Use this template to convert OmniLista into a Medical Practice Manager application

Download Template

OmniLista template v. 4
To install the template:
1. Download and install the software
2. Download the template file (.qbt) using the link above
3. Close the application if it is running
4. Double-click the template file
5. OmniLista will start and install the template
6. When prompted for a new database location, browse to the folder where you want to store your database