Create and Manage your notes

with the Notes Organizer App template

Notes Organizer

One app for all your needs.

Alongside your databases, OmniLista is a good place to store your notes as well.

Depending on the type of notes, you can adapt the list columns and note pane structure to accomodate supplementary information as well.       

You have complete control over your data.

All your bases are stored locally so the risk of data leakage is minimised.


Set your own password to add an extra layer of security.

You can also share your notes over your local network and assign separate passwords and access rights to other users.

Easily paste text and images from your web browser.

Define a hotkey to paste selected text and images from the web or other applications.

Use this template to convert OmniLista into a note-taking application

Download Template

OmniLista template v. 4
To install the template:
1. Download and install the software
2. Download the template file (.qbt) using the link above
3. Close the application if it is running
4. Double-click the template file
5. OmniLista will start and install the template
6. When prompted for a new database location, browse to the folder where you want to store your database